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Lips and eyes are the windows to our heart. We have a collection of beautiful lip creams, blushes and mineral mica eye shadows that last. Made with as few chemicals as possible so you can feel good about the colors that go on your face.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it deserves the best of care while it’s protecting you. Choose from an amazing selection of skin nurturing products that sooth, moisturize and heal your body to a healthy glow.


Turn your bathroom in to a private spa sanctuary and enjoy some “me time” with bubble baths, bath bombs and lovely aroma bath oils.


Our PMD mosquito repellant works by hiding you from mosquitos for up to 4 hours. Check out the odorless bug candles, after bite and convenient travel size containers.


We have a vast collection of fragrance, essential and cold pressed oils. For the purists that want to mix their own concoctions be sure and watch for the comedogenic ratings 1-5.


Our soap bars are made one at a time and last long enough to save the planet from 3 plastic bottles of liquid soap. Be sure and check out Bio soaps made from nuts, chemical free laundry detergent, stain removers and natural polishing compound.


The most tantalizing, tropical, yummy fruit tea blends that will literally put you in a cheerful mood. The perfect treat served hot or cold made from all natural fruits and herbs.

Odds & Ends

Look here for interesting gift ides or those hard to find items.

Hand & Feet

Be kind to your feet & hands they are the workhorses of our body. They are often over worked and terribly neglected. So treat your feet & hands to some soothing, loving, care.


We stock a variety of aroma candles and a unique type of massage candle that can be poured directly on the body for a soothing warm massage.

Zero waste

Almost all the plastic we have produced since the 1950’s is still around. We have to stop and rethink! Stock up on biodegradable or reusable items, to help cut back on dangerous plastics that threaten ours seas & land.

White Labeling

White Labeling means you use our products but we put your name and logo on the label. This allows you to create a unique custom look and design that belongs to you. Please email us or call to get more information. It’s easy to do.

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Lemongrass Conditioning Shampoo Bar

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Lemongrass, praised for its stimulating properties and exotic fragrance. It’s refreshing, clean, has a distinct citrusy-lemon aroma with a touch of grasses. The overall effect is refreshing, and highly energizing. A little

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HAIR CREAM BATH Avocado-Moisturising
Awaphui Hair wash
Passionfruit Hair Wash
HAIR CREAM Avocado-Moisturising
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Zinc oxide, help in neutralizing bacteria, with antiseptics and disinfecting properties. It dries the skin and reduces sebum production.

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Golden Face Serum (Dry Oil)
FACE MIST Rose Water
Face Cream – Flower Remedies
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