About us

Philosophy of Leaf Juice Skin Care

At leaf-juice we believe in goodness, do no harm, taking care of ourselves and others, as well as the planet and it’s lovely creatures. We try to reflect this philosophy throughout our products. We source the best ingredients we can, use as few chemicals as possible, sell it to you at an affordable price and make sure the planet doesn’t suffer. We hire local staff to make the products in small batches so it’s always fresh. We listen to your feedback, we never test on animals and we give you vegan and halal choices. We sincerely hope to create a more beautiful and happy you ☺

Leaf Juice Story

Tempat Senang Spa on Batam Island, Indonesia, was established in 2009 by Jasmine Borschberg. In the early days she found it difficult to source spa products such as massage oils, scrubs, hair and facial products that were good enough to use on their guest’s skin and hair. She went on a mission and established Tempat Senang Laboratories, creating an entire range of skin and hair friendly products sourced locally and worldwide. One of their first products, an Indonesian inspiration, the Hair Cream Bath, is a popular Indonesian deep conditioning hair treatment, now gaining worldwide popularity. From there they advanced to an entire range of products, including reef-friendly sun care products, that are 100% natural.
The philosophy was simple: “Make the best products we can, at an affordable price, good for people and the environment, handmade by local staff, fresh in small batches ”.
The name Leaf-Juice skin care came to be because of the many hydrosols and LEAF extracts added to their products, basically the local staff referred to it as “leaf juice”.
Now you can enjoy fresh, hand made skin care, produced in small batches in the spa, spa shop, or here online.


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